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On Hold Advertising since 1984

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 Turn around the negative time that your callers must wait on hold... and use that time productively by furnishing positive information about your products and services. 

So many times we all find ourselves looking to hire a company to perform a service and wish that we knew someone who could provide us with a strong recommendation.  Well, I am taking a moment to share with you the best overall service and product I have received from a company for many years.  And on a whim, that you may be able to utilize their services, or perhaps pass the information along, it will have been well worth the effort to send out this referral.  The company is Tel-Ad Productions, a message on hold company.  We had the good fortune of hearing their messages on hold when calling another company.  The product, customer service, and exceptional follow-thru from start to finish made me one of their most satisfied customers.  When you call Tel-Ad, please mention my name.

Lisa A. Strauss

Anderson Funding